Step 3 - Hearing the Right Voice


How to Hear the Right Voice

When you start out listening for God, you'll get a little confused by all the voices in your head. At first, it'll be hard to determine if what you hear in your head is from God, you, or the enemy. That's perfectly normal, so don't sweat it. As you learn more and do more in this quest, you'll get better and better at this. Firstly though, you need to get an understanding of the "voice" distinctions between the three possible sources.

What Comes From You

What comes from you is all over the place from good to bad to ugly. It will beat you up one minute and encourage you in the next. There is no consistency, so this is definitely not a voice you can rely on from one minute to the next. Your voice is fickle at best because it's coming from so many places in your past, present and even future. It's coming from hurt, pain, love, disappointment, joy, peace, negativity, positivism and any other emotion you may be feeling at the time you're trying to hear God. It can't be trusted, so don't follow it.

What Comes From the Enemy

What comes from the enemy is ALWAYS about countering what God has said to you. If God says don’t get involved with someone else’s spouse, the enemy will say a friend of yours did it and everything worked out fine. God will say you are more than enough and the enemy will say you aren’t pretty enough: you need to wear more makeup; you need to get your hair done. The enemy will point out only the bad, unless God has said it’s bad and then the enemy will say it’s good. If God says it’s good, then the enemy will say it’s not good. Get the point!?! This is not a voice that can be trusted. When you hear this voice, SHUT IT DOWN QUICKLY!

What Comes From God

What comes from God brings PEACE. You feel a since of calm and assurance. It is not negative and doesn’t put you down like your words, or the words from the enemy. God's words might correct and let you know you did something wrong, but, they won’t be in a way that berate you or make you feel horrible. They're like a loving teacher that gently corrects a mistake on schoolwork by saying, “That’s not quite correct. Try it again and I know you’ll do better this time.” God is that loving teacher.

When God speaks, He interrupts your natural thought processes; you can be in the process of doing or thinking something, and then, a random, unrelated thought will jump into your head. You hear it from somewhere other than your mind. It comes from your soul, from deep down in your belly and permeates up to the rest of you: your heart and your head. That's God's voice. Remember it. Get to know it and hearing Him will get so much easier.

Journal what you hear from God and you'll soon begin to hear a pattern to how He speaks. You'll also find that God never contradicts His words in the bible, so that's another test to determine if it's Him, you or the enemy.